Once you have selected Architects for designing your house as per your needs and requirements, The Hired Architect will ensure that the complex design is put into practice with the help of informative drawings.

The Selected Building Contractors should stay within the schedule and should complete the project as per the budget set by the client. There should be proper communication between Architects and Civil contractors so that the finalized residential house plans will be implemented in the best possible way as per the concept design.

If there are any miscommunication and misunderstanding it should be avoided right from the initial stage before that particular work starts. If there is proper communication, it is possible to avoid costly mistakes and the project will be completed as per the deadline.

The Architect should take all major steps so that the construction cost for that building shouldn’t exceed the planned budget which was approved by the client or the owner during the Design stages its self.

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There are always new Construction materials or Building materials and new products introduced in the market should be used very carefully. It is always better to go for time-tested raw materials so that there will not be any failures. Architects are licensed professionals and they design buildings as per the needs of customers.

Architect with building contractor

However, the Building contractor should not go for inferior products to save money. Right kind of construction materials should be used by the contractor and the system integration should be done as per the standards.


The Architects, as well as the contractor, should adhere to building codes and standards in the industry. The construction drawings, specifications and details will help contractors and sub-contractors to execute the work in the best possible way. They will get information and feedback from the architect.

The Architect will create blueprints required for getting Building Plan Sanctioned or Approved from BDA/BMRDA/BBMP and also suggest rainwater harvesting, solar solutions during building construction. The Building contractors should make sure that the House construction should be executed based on the drawings given by the Architects.


The scope of work of the Architect will be based on the contract executed by the client. The Architect will help the client to choose the best contractor who has the capability to execute the project with the given schedule or timeframe. If you are executing complex projects, you should get the advice and guidance of the contractor so that the structure and other components will be constructed as per the latest standards.

At present, the cost of building a house in Bangalore varies from Rs 1600 to Rs 2600 / sq ft with additional cost for interiors which might cost around Rs 400 to Rs 800/sq ft depending on the kind of Designs proposed by the Architects.


The Architect should communicate with the civil contractors and vice-versa in a very efficient manner. The contractor’s requirements should be understood so that the plan can be executed without any difficulty. There will be various risk factors in the construction phase.

The commercial viability should be addressed by the architect. In some cases, it is very much required to contact the skilled persons to understand the effort and skill level to perform the job.

The architect should offer optimum design solutions and should entertain the ‘change request’ calls at the earliest. If there is a change in the construction of a building, it will increase the building cost. However, the changes should be accommodated to deliver the best value on a long-term basis. If you need to know the present Cost of construction for G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 on 20×30 30×40 40×60 Sites in Bangalore then visit the link for further detailed info.


The Building contractor and any other sub-contractor working on the project should be able to fulfil the guidelines and specifications shared by the manufacturer. The work should adhere to the building codes. It is very much important to buy right kind of tools and equipment so that the construction will last a lifetime.

The architect and engineering contractor should complete the construction of the project by having a good rapport at all stages. The Contractors should never hesitate to approach the Architects to make changes or add new features to the existing plan and design.