Duplex house plans


Duplex house plans on plot sizes of 30×40 40×60 20×30 50×80 40×30 40×40 house plans in Bangalore are the standard site dimension in Bangalore. On the Purchasing side of duplex houses is also a good point for first-time buyers to make an affordable entry into the market.

One has to study the duplex house plans
before making an offer; the advantages of owning Duplex houses are affordable than opting for a family home. It is also advantageous from a financial point of view.

One of the main features of duplex homes is even if the payment of purchasing a duplex house plan is more than a single home for the family, returns are always higher.

Renting another side of the duplex homes
can dual the mortgage payments effectively per month can lessen the interest rate and accelerating equity for the house to be borrowed.

Tips for purchasing duplex houses:

The first and foremost point to consider before purchasing a duplex home is to know about laws relating to real estate. Certain laws on which the residential duplex house plans are planned about where to build the house or other things.

The next point is to consider different council requirements for purchasing the house. Like, consider the floor space, height, as well as other restraints associated with the thing.

Learn about all the important details of the structure so that the work proceeds smoothly. Before constructing a duplex house, one should know about his/her requirements and the purpose for which it is to be used. The construction cost in Bangalore varies around Rs 1500 to 1950 per sq ft, and the cost of construction in Bangalore depends on various designing factors like residential elevations and house plans and architects’ cost, etc.

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Costs of duplex house plans:

The cost of duplex house plans in Bangalore depends on various factors. Firstly it depends on the overall area to be purchased. Total square feet to be purchased has a significant role to play. Secondly, it depends on the location.

The location also plays a crucial role as
a transport system in the area, school nearby, and other things. Thirdly the cost of purchasing a duplex house also depends on the facilities associated with it.

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  1. I have a 30×40 plot and looking for duplex house plans, my site is at sarjapur road i want to construct G+2 floor duplex home with a budget if Rs 43 lacs. I like the works that you have shared in your site.

    Let me know the Architectural consultancy charges.


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