Duplex House Construction cost in Bangalore?20×30|40×60|50×80|30×40 Duplex House construction in Bangalore or Cost of Construction for building Duplex House

Are you planning for a Duplex House construction in Bangalore? Know-How one can use our Construction cost calculator to plan the Budget?

If you are planning to build a Duplex house in Bangalore?

then you need to know what would be the current Duplex house construction cost in Bangalore. We have developed an advanced tool that can calculate the cost for building a Duplex house on 30×40 40×60 50×80 20×30 30×50 40×50 of G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 floors.


This Duplex house construction cost calculator is a simple to use tool that provides you with the estimated cost of construction of a duplex building.

This tool is ideal for anyone involved in construction, be it House owners, Architects, Building Contractors, or engineers.

Before building his dream home, he needs to get his residential duplex house plans prepared by an experienced Architect who can understand your needs or requirements and deliver them.

Using this software is easy; one can obtain a detailed, accurate, efficient, and a professional-looking House cost estimate that you can use for budget planning.

The cost calculator to calculate the cost of construction for the construction of a duplex house in Bangalore is most useful when you are planning the budget.

Due to its accuracy and efficiency, one can estimate within minutes while you are conducting the meeting with the Architect.

One can also read about the process and cost of building a house, where you can understand the entire process of home construction right from plan sanction from BBMP/BDA up to selecting building contractors for the project.

Do click on the below image to use the Duplex construction cost calculator tool

What is a Construction cost calculator?

A cost calculator is software that uses regularly updated information about the various factors of construction (such as labour charges, cost of construction materials, cost of land, material price, and more).

An advanced algorithm uses the inputs from your end to suggest the most accurate estimated cost for your project.

To know the precise details based on the exact site dimensions, you can visit the related links to read more about it, like 30×40 House construction cost, 40×60 House construction cost, etc.

One can visit our other pages, which also have detailed information about the possibilities of duplex house designing and duplex house construction of G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors and possible cost estimation.

How to Use the Cost Calculator?

The cost calculator tool can calculate the cost of a duplex house construction cost in a few easy steps, a DIY tool that even the most technologically unsound person can use.

The software requires you to feed it with information such as the size of your plot, the location of the plot, materials to be used in the structure, type of doors, windows, painting, no. of rooms, type of house, flooring type, amongst other.

After you have feed the system with the information within seconds, the tool suggests a detailed cost estimate. Here is a systematic way of using the software.

Systematic Procedure for Using the Cost Calculator:

Follow this link to go to the cost calculator. Once you are on the page, you will find a range of fields marked in Orange, White, and Green.

The ones marked in Orange are parameters that display the various factors of construction. The fields marked in Green are selections you have made (except for the first three variables where you need to select values and displayed only in White).

Having cleared this aspect, let us proceed to each variable and select that is right for your construction if you want to see sample residential house plans for site dimensions such as 20×30 designs, 30×40 designs, 40×60 designs, and 50×80 designs.

Site Area/ Site Dimension/ Sq. Ft:

This the first and essential aspect while using the cost calculator. You must provide the correct site area or dimension. Providing the wrong area will completely throw off the estimated cost of the project.

Duplex house construction cost in Bangalore 20x30 30x40 40x60 50x80

A slight difference in the site diameter can have a completely different estimated cost. In the cost calculator, you have three options to fill the plot area – SITE AREA, SITE DIMENSION, and SQ. FT.

If you toggle on site area, you can manually enter the area per square feet into the calculator, whereas toggling-on site dimension allows you to choose from a drop-down list of site dimensions such as 20×30, 20×40, 30×40, 30×50, 30×60, 40×60, 40×50, 50×80, 50×50, etc.

By toggling on SQ. FT., you can choose from a set of site areas embedded within the software. Use whichever method suits you and provide the exact information about the plot area or dimension and move to the next option.


We have extensively exaggerated the importance of site location in duplex house cost determination. As land price varies from one location to the other within the same city, you cannot adopt one price for various locations within the city.

For example, in Bangalore alone, land cost varies greatly from one region to the other. In light of this aspect, the cost calculator requires you to feed it with the site’s location so that it can suggest the most accurate cost estimate. Use the drop-down list to select from hundreds of locations.

No of Floors G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4:

The number of floors you decide to build is also an essential factor that impacts the total cost of the project. If you choose an additional floor on the house, there are direct costs and indirect costs that will increase, such as labour wages, materials cost, and others.

Although the architect most probably will not charge any additional fees for design, you may have to increase the fees of the architect when the number of floors increases.

The algorithm within the cost calculator considers all these aspects when selecting the number of stories in the building. Select the number of floors you want to build.

House Type Duplex House / Rental House:

The next variable factor you need to fill is the type of house you want to build. There are mainly two types of residential homes – duplex and rental.

A duplex house construction is planned on two or more floors with an inside staircase connecting them, whereas a rental house is designed to be apartments that can be rented.

In the duplex cost calculator, you have two options and a hybrid combination of both. Select the options that suit your requirements.

BHK (Bedroom Hall Kitchen) 1Bhk/2Bhk/3Bhk/4Bhk:

The number of bedrooms, hall, and kitchen in the house also plays a role in the cost estimate.

As you might assume, the more the number of rooms in the house, the more cost will be. In the cost calculator, you can select from 1BHK 2BHK 3BHK up to 4BHK.

Structure Bricks / Solid Cement Blocks:

The structure of the building is essential, you should take the advice of our architects before making the selection as some structures may be expensive now, but they may reduce cost in future in the form of reduced maintenance costs.

The options for materials available in our cost calculator are cement blocks (6’), cement blocks (8’), and bricks. Depending on the advice from the architect, make your selection.

Flooring Vitrified / Granite / Marble / Wooden:

Similar to the structure, you also have various options for flooring. You can go with the best price or the one that looks most luxurious.

The options available for you to choose from are vitrified, granite, and marble + wooden.

Doors Solid wood / OST Doors:

In this section of the Duplex house construction cost calculator in Bangalore, you have to select the doors’ appropriate material. Here again, depending on the quality and the price, you can make your selection.

It’s recommended that you search online for information on various materials and their features before making the selection. Once you have made your choice, proceed to the next option in the cost calculator.

Windows Teakwood / Sal wood / UPVC / Aluminum:

Similarly to the doors, you also have to choose the windows’ materials; the cost calculator provides you options such as sal wood, honne wood, Aluminum, UPVC, and teakwood. Select the best choice for your house.

Painting Type:

The last option before you obtain the result of the cost calculator is the type of painting you would use on the house. The two options in the calculator are basic and premium.

Once you have filled all the information, click on the button that says “ CALCULATE DUPLEX CONSTRUCTION COST IN BANGALORE “ and scroll down for the total estimate and further down for a detailed breakdown of the cost estimate.

Factors that affect Duplex House Construction in Bangalore while building a Duplex House?

The cost of construction for a Duplex house is one of the foremost concerns of all parties involved in a duplex construction, such as a client, contractors, structural engineers, labors, surveyors, and architect teams.
Budget factor of a house
It’s the Architect’s job or the Building contractors hired for the duplex construction to provide answers to such questions. However, this is easier said than done.

A home construction project is complex and involves various factors that can change within a short period. Almost all of these elements of the construction of a house are beyond anyone’s control.

The most common and the first question most clients ask “What is the cost of construction or How much is the project going to cost me“.

Factors that affect the Construction cost of a Duplex house in Bangalore:

Fees of the Architect:

There are three significant ways an architect charges his or her fee for a project – per hour basis, a percentage of the total cost of the project, and a fixed sum.

In case the project is large, the architect will most likely charge between 3 – 5 per cent of the project’s total cost. This can be a substantial amount and hence considered in the total cost of the project.

Fees of the Structural Engineer/Project Consultants:

A skilled engineer is pivotal to a project’s success; however, a reputed and skilled engineer will most likely charge a high amount of money for the project.

Nevertheless, it is worth the cost as the professional consultants can reduce the project’s value by ensuring every task is completed as per plan and the project is not delayed. Therefore, the cost of the engineer should also be considered in the cost estimate.

duplex house construction in bangalore

Approvals / Plan Sanctions:

Before the commencement of any project, some approvals and sanctions need to be obtained from various government bodies like BDA, BBMP, BMRDA, and Gram panchayat.

If you fail to do so, there might be a heavy penalty levied on you. Additionally, the approvals can sometimes be costly and should be considered in the total cost estimate.

Size of construction:

The building or built-up area (BUA) size plays a significant role in the total project cost as a large project generally extends over a long period and cost more.

Besides, the local workforce might not be sufficient for a large project, and the workforce might have to be brought in from other parts of the country, which can be costly.

Hence, the size of the project and workforce availability is also a factor in total cost estimation.

Client’s Priorities:

The objective of any construction work is to satisfy the client. It is the client’s fund that is used in the construction.

Hence, the most pivotal factor that affects the cost of construction is the expectations of the client.

Cost of Construction Materials:

When we talk of construction materials, it includes the materials, shipping charges, and the taxes levied on the materials. Materials are one of the most expensive aspects of construction, and their cost can change over time.

While estimating the cost of construction, you must consider the most updated cost of materials, including the allied charges.

Similar Project Completed Recently:

A project completed in the near past can be a good reference for the upcoming project cost estimation.

As you have the final cost of the past project after it is completed, you can use the information to get an idea about the cost of the upcoming project.

The condition of the Site:

The site’s condition can change over a short period; heavy rain can cause soil erosions, which can increase the cost of the project.

Also, other factors can increase the complications and the cost of the project such as loses soil, dumped earth, environmental factors, contaminated materials, buried storage tanks, poor soil conditions, and wetlands.

These factors might increase the project’s duration and complications, which will make the project more expensive. Hence, the condition of the construction site should also be considered while estimating the cost of construction.

Market Inflation:

As construction is a complex and prolonged process, it can take anywhere from months to years for a complete project. The economy may experience changes such as inflation.

Due to this, the cost of various construction factors can increase, such as the cost of labor, materials, etc.

Variation in Labor cost:

The cost of labor for a project can change from time to time due to several factors beyond the control of the constructor.

If the duplex cost of construction is considered months in advance of the project’s actual commencement, a revision may be required considering the variation in labor charges.

Duration of the Project:

Project duration is an important factor in the cost of a project. If a project continues for a long period, the cost can increase due to indirect costs such as idle charges, equipment charges, and other factors.

On the other hand, if a project is completed quickly, that can also be expensive as the direct cost will be high in such a project. You may require more labor and other equipment to facilitate the labor, which can cause the cost to surge.

Hence, the duration of the project should be considered before estimating the cost of a project.

Design and Planning:

A well-planned design is essential for the success of a project. It acts as a directive for the contractor and other parties involved in the construction. A well-designed Architectural Duplex house plans increase the efficiency of the project while reducing any hurdles.

Poor house design or under-designed structure can create problems during the construction causing the cost to increase.

Hence, design and planning are also important factors during cost estimation. These are the twelve considerations that must be kept in mind while estimating the cost of a project.

However, we provide a very reliable and effective cost calculator that comes in handy, and you must try it for quick cost estimation.

How does a Duplex House Construction Cost Calculator Help in Planning the Cost for building a Duplex House in Bangalore?

All Architects or Building contractors will emphasize estimating the cost of the project even before you go into the design and planning stages, which are the initial stages of a project.

If you are building a residential Duplex house in Bangalore and thinking about the cost of construction for a duplex house, you can use the cost calculator tool, which is mentioned above.

building budget

If one is building his home for the first time, then duplex cost estimation is pivotal for you. It will allow you to form a budget that can be presented to the Architect, based on which the Architect will provide you with the house’s initial design.

A budget plays several other essential roles in a project, which we will discuss in this blog, apart from elaborating on the benefits of using the cost calculator.

What is a Duplex cost calculator?

Before we dig into the benefits of a cost calculator, let us first understand what it is and how to use it effectively. A residential construction cost calculator is a tool that you will find on our website.

Our estimation tool uses advanced algorithms and up-to-date information on various variable factors for duplex house construction in Bangalore. It suggests the most appropriate cost of constructing the project based on variable elements in the input options.

In other words, it estimates the cost of the project on your behalf with a few inputs from your side. The data you need to feed the cost calculator are the size of the plot, the plot’s location, materials used in the structure, doors, window, painting type, type of house, no. of rooms, and flooring.

Benefits of Using the Cost Calculator:

After you have filled in the information on the calculator, you obtain a detailed report on the cost of various factors that constitute the total cost of a project, such as:

  • Total Foundation Cost.
  • Total Steel Structure Cost.
  • Total Roofing Cost.
  • Total Super Structure Cost.
  • Total Wall Construction cost.
  • Total Flooring Cost.
  • Total Tiles Cost.
  • Total Wood Work Cost.
  • Total Painting Cost.
  • Total Plastering Cost.

Apart from obtaining the detailed cost structure, the cost calculator provides the following benefits:

Accurate Cost Estimate:

An improper or un-estimated or inaccurate building cost estimate before building a duplex house in Bangalore is more futile than having no cost estimate. It can be misleading and cause disastrous financial hurdles between the projects.

One may fall short on financial resources, cost escalations, and delays and may have to halt the project. With the help of advanced algorithms and up-to-date information on the various construction elements, this cost calculator provides a near-accurate estimated cost of a construction project.

The tool does not only analyze the cost of various materials but also factors such as the location of your site, As the cost of land varies from one region to the other.

The calculator has pre-installed values of hundreds of locations across Bangalore, which helps you estimate the cost more appropriately and increases the software’s accuracy.

Not to mention, the task of duplex cost calculation can be prolonged and cumbersome for you as a novice with high chances of error or miscalculation.

This is the ideal tool because it does not only guarantee accuracy but is also very efficient.

Efficient Cost Estimation Process:

The process of cost estimation is complex; it requires you to gather a wide range of information about the various variables of duplex house construction, such as the Architect and the engineer’s fees, labour charges, cost of multiple materials, cost of the plot, amongst numerous others.

As a first-time house builder, you may not know how to gather the information or ways to verify if the information you have obtained over the internet is true or outdated.

Price changes very frequently in the real estate industry; hence, you may end up with inaccurate information that can lead to an improper or vague budget without the proper knowledge or expertise.

Nevertheless, our cost calculator is an easy-to-use DIY tool that can provide you with results within minutes.

You need to provide the software with some specifics about your project. In no time, the cost calculator provides you with a detailed estimate of the total cost of building a duplex house in Bangalore and a breakdown of the total cost mentioned at the beginning of the blog.

Hence, this tool is not just accurate but also efficient.

Consistent Cost and Budget Planning:

When you have multiple projects going on, you would want an estimated cost for building a consistent duplex home and using the same calculation procedure. This will ultimately help you in deriving a regular budget.

Using the cost calculator, you follow the same procedure to estimate the cost and ensure consistency in budget planning.

Detailed Cost Estimate:

Even today, some Architects and Engineers rely on manual methods of cost estimation. Although there is nothing wrong with the processes, and most people would say it works for me why to change it; there are more effective methods available in the market.

Unlike a manual method where you only obtain the estimated cost of the entire project.

This cost calculator provides a more detailed estimate such as estimated total foundation cost, Estimated total steel structure cost, Estimated total roofing cost, Estimated total superstructure cost, Estimated total wall construction cost, and estimated total flooring cost, and more.

This is not possible with the conventional method of construction cost estimation.

The Scope of Budget Alteration:

After you have a detailed estimate of the various construction elements, the task of adjusting the construction as per your budget becomes a much easier task, which in traditional methods of cost estimation will mostly rely on guesswork.

Once you have the detailed cost, you can observe the areas weighing heavily on the total cost and, with the Architects’ consultation, explore cheaper options.

Professional Looking Budget:

As cost estimation is the cornerstone of any budget, an accurate and well-devised estimate allows you to draft a professional budget. The Architect can then use this budget to suggest the best design possible.

With the use of the cost calculator, one can get an approximate estimate for building his Duplex house budget that is reliable and can be used across various project stages. Our cost calculator is a unique tool and one of a kind. Try to for yourself today!

How much is the Duplex house construction cost in Bangalore?

The Duplex house constriction cost varies from Rs 1500/sq ft for Basic to Rs 1700/sq ft for Standard construction.

What is the cost of 20x30 30x40 40x60 50x80 Duplex house construction cost in Bangalore?

The duplex home construction cost for a 3BHK duplex house on 20x30/600 sq ft: Rs 23lacs | 30x40/1200 sq ft: Rs 33 lacs | 40x60/2400 sq ft: Rs 59 lacs| 50x80/4000 sq ft: Rs 85 lacs.

How is Duplex House construction cost calculated for Building a House?

The construction cost for building a duplex house on 20x30 30x40 40x60 50x80 can be calculated by the overall built-up area x cost per sq ft.

What is the 1200 sq ft / 30x40 G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Duplex house construction cost in Bangalore?

The 30x40 Duplex house construction cost for a 1200 sq ft 30x40 G+1 Floor varies from Rs 35 lacs onwards and up to Rs 75lacs for a G+4 Floors.

What is the Budget required for building a Duplex House?

The cost required for Building a duplex house in Bangalore varies from Rs 35 lacs to Rs 90 lacs+ just for the construction and for the site cost might be keeping a budget of Rs 45lacs to Rs 90lacs+ depending on the site dimensions/locality.

What is the 2400 sq ft / 40x60 G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Duplex house construction cost in Bangalore?

The 40x60 Duplex house constriction cost 2400 sq ft or 40x60 site G+1 Floor starts from Rs 48 lacs to upwards of 90lacs+ for G+2/G+3 Floors.

How much is the cost of building a Duplex House in Bangalore on 20x30 30x40 40x60 50x80 site/plot?

The cost for building a Duplex house with standards 3BHK requirement would cost for a 20x30/600 sq ft site Rs 24 lacs | 30x40/1200 sq ft Rs 34 lacs | 40x60/2400 sq ft Rs 55 lacs | 50x80/4000 sq ft Rs 80 lacs.

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