Akrama Sakrama bangalore know about Akrama Sakrama bill and its effects


Over the years, India has witnessed an immense increase in population. Apart from the encroachments from the neighboring countries, birth rates have taken a steep rise over the past few decades that leads to the margin cross a hundred billion.

Under such circumstances, every state of the country is suffering from a residential space crunch, thereby resulting in unwanted encroachments even on the Govt. land.

Understanding the intensity of the scenario, our present govt. Particularly in charge of the Karnataka state, Mr.Ramalinga Reddy stepped up to the occasion to undergo certain provisions suiting their needs in accordance with the Law.

Akrama Sakrama Bill and its effects

The prime aim is for the well-being of the common people; the bill was proposed and passed to regularize unauthorized or illegal developments and constructions in the urban areas, including Bangalore.

The Akrama Sakrama bill has been a common talk for Karnataka as the ruling govt. And other political parties have been proactive in the said matter. There has been a certain change in the bill that was proposed initially and later on reframed under the instruction of the governor.

What is Akrama Sakrama and its present status as on Jan 2014

PRESENT STATUS (as of 2014)

The bill is a one-time regularization from building deviations to illegal constructions to change land use in urban areas Akrama Sakrama. There have been several turbulent phases witnessed during the bill’s formation and were twice rejected by the Governor.

Previously when called for objections, owners of the buildings with deviations have objected to the proposed high penalty amount. Civil society groups and the High Court were also on even terms regarding the extent of violations regularized.

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The govt. was suggested to reframe some of the existing rules, draft a time frame without any extension, and also ensure that the scheme does not benefit the real estate mafia anyhow. The bill was passed by Lawmakers on December 2nd, 2013, and notified on December 31st, 2013.

However, despite the Bill making it legal, there are still certain questions that remain unanswered, like what steps or actions would be taken if there are instances when there are buildings whose deviations are more than the regularized ceilings.

As architects in Bangalore, we make sure that our clients understand the violation that the proposed house plans have made concerning bylaws.

Akrama Sakrama notifications and fines for building violation

It was the revenue minister who tabled the revised controversial bill, and in this regard, his sayings authenticate that an applicant has to submit proof of having constructed the house before January 1st, 2012. Likewise, no vacant land would be regularized.

Certain restrictions are must be complied with, like houses constructed within a radius of 18 km of BBMP, 5 km within all city municipalities, and 3 km within town municipality councils would be regularized.

It has also been confirmed that those who possess a house on Govt. land in urban areas have to submit applications within the specified period along with the regularization fee of their dwellings. The penalties for the construction in the unauthorized area will range from INR 5,000 to INR 2.10 lakh.

The Akrama Sakrama bill Bangalore also lists out the violations eligible for regularization, terms for calculation of violation, steps that need to be taken, and procedures that need to be followed by the authority.

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