• Naveen

    This is by far the best and detailed information site for the people dreaming to build their house….. 5 stars for the Architects4desigm team…. My sincerest gratitude and appreciation…

  • zabiulla

    Well informative website

  • Madhukesh S

    Hi i wanted to construct 1st floor on 30×40 site east facing south road, give me plan & cost for construction.

  • krishna h

    Hey team architects4design.com … greetings. very nice and detailed information.

    I have been a builder my self and actively doing residential and commercial projects. now the prices in the market is as follows. (as on 1st April 2017)
    most of the prices you have mentioned are right and for standard materials. but few of them like,

    1. M SAND (water washed – suitable for coloumn concrete) is Rs.40/- cft
    2. M sand DUST (with less aggregate) is Rs.35/- per cft
    3. Solid cement block 6 inches of Good quality is Rs.30/- per block (Apco company blocks are Rs.45/- each)
    4. Solid cement block 4 inches of Good quality is Rs.26/- per block
    5. 20 mm jelly is Rs.25/- per cft.
    6. Plastering Quality sand Rs.58/- to Rs.65/- per cft

    Some times the prices depends on the working site condition and the distance between the supplier and location of the construction.

    If any one require more information, please contact me.

    • A4D

      Thank you Mr Krishna for sharing addition details regarding building contractors rates. We are in the process of updating this page with more detailed cost which will be done soon. We really appreciate for your valuable time given to us by sharing such informative details.

  • Mahesh Channappa

    Top website with lots of detailed info. Hats off to your team.

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