• Ranjan

    I am looking for architects in Bangalore who can execute the project and select the building contractor, Below is my requirements for my residential project I require house plans, structural design and interior design solutions.
    Here is the situation, let me know if we can take it further .

    What I have
    1. I already have detailed floor plan. I have placed everything after lot of vaastu consideration so cannot change drastically.
    2. I am open to suggestions for elevation.
    3. Budget – Max 1.3Cr. So target for Rs.1.15Cr.

    What I want
    1. Detailed BOQ to allow me pick things in difference price ranges to manage cost.
    2. Full Interior Design – Rooms, Halls, Bathroom, Kitchen, Electrical fittings and points, Home Decor
    3. Landscaping
    4. Home security system

    Ideally, I would like to see final view (once everything is done) of the house from inside and outside before I dig the ground.
    My site is 81.5×50 and built-up area is ~5400.
    Please share your Architectural charges for all the relevant services that you provide.
    thanks & regards,

    • A4D

      We have already sent you are proposal mail which mentions about the scope of our work and designing fees. The budget of 1.3 cr mentioned by you for this project should be comfortable enough to work for entire project.
      Architects4Design Team

      • Naveen Kumar

        I have a 40×60 site for which i need to get the architect services for designing a residential duplex house of 4bhk with some small grarden. Can you let us know what would be the cost for designing my house.

  • Somshekar

    I was looking for Architects in Bangalore who can do my residential house designing done at HSR Layout, We have 40×60 site or 2400 sq ft land which is east facing on which we are planning to construct 6 residential apartments for sale of 2Bhk each the Ground floor should have car parking for minimum 5 to 6 cars, Lift etc. I want to sell these residential units, As this is my first project as a Builder hence we require complete Architectural consultancy which should include Concept designing, Presentational drawings, Structural drawings, Electrical drawings etc.

    I would also like to inform that I would require you complete services in monitoring the site while the construction is going on. The scope of your work should also include monitoring the work on the site, Selecting and finalizing the building contractor, giving guidance with working drawing to the Builder, checking quality of materials used in construction. I did like some of the works that has already been shared on your site, So please do call back for confirmation of you Appointment at your office at Koramangala.

    Thx and Regards,

    • A4D

      Thank you for showing interest in our firm, we shall shortly send you our Architectural proposal by mail which will explains our scope of our work and fees to be paid at different stages.
      Architects4Design Team

  • Sanju Sharma

    Hi Team,
    I just came across your site while I wanted to know details about the current prevailing construction rates, I really appreciate your website for the kind of informative details which has been provided by your team which really helps us in planning our Budget for our house. I have 30×40 Site in indiranagar for which I am looking for residential architects who can design as per our requirements and taste. The total budget we have is around 60lacs for construction of a simple 3Bhk duplex house. I would initially want to see the concept floor plans and elevation design, So that we can see how the building looks like and finalize the built up area presented on the Floor plans.

    Now based on the above details given can you let us know what would be the overall built up area which is possible and what the BUA achievable as per BBMP by laws. Also let us know what would be the typical cost for getting the Interiors done for a 3BHK duplex house. The plan sanction process, cost and time frame to get a Building plan sanction by BDA, Bangalore. Pls do reply back for these details based on which we can meet personally at your office.

    Sanju Sharma

    • A4D

      As per BBMP bylaws a minimum of 1.75 FAR is possible that is 1200 sq ft x 1.75FAR = 2100 sq ft. Hence for a 30×40 site one construct 2100 sq ft builtup area excluding the parking space.
      note : Floor Area Ratio (FAR) will increase based on the road width.
      Architects4Design Team

      • Praveen

        What will be my FAR for my 40×60 site with 40 ft road.

        • Rao

          Dear Sir,
          For my existing house in JP Nagar 2nd Phase (60×90′ site), I need a floor plan to be prepared and sent to me as PDF format. Details of the house are as follows:
          Ground floor only
          BUA: Approx: 2200 to 2400 sft.
          3BHK + separate Dining + Living rooms + Garage
          Please let me know (a) time you need for this – I need it ASAP and (b) cost.

      • Mahendra

        I have a plot of dimensions 30×40 with BBMP B katha. Plan to constiruct the 2BHK house. May I know what are all the approvals needed before start the construction. I am looking for archietcts form your team who can give me the best house designs at affordable costs.

  • Bhuvan Rao

    Hi Sir,
    We have a 30×40 site with 1Bhk in the Ground floor and with external staircase 2Bhk in the Second floor, It’s 20 years old house with load baring structural design done at that time. Now we want to convert it into a Duplex house with minimum cost. Since in will be going for my House renovation work I want all the designing and construction to be done within 6 months. Below are some of the inputs or changes that needs to be done for our existing House.

    Renovation changes required
    – External staircase should be made internal.
    – Change in flooring from the existing mosaic tiles.
    – Larger windows to be given at Living rooms.
    – 2 new Master bedrooms needs to planned.
    – Bathrooms reworking.
    – Demolition of some walls to increase the space.
    – Compound wall re working.
    – New elevation.
    – Doors needs to be replaced.
    Based on my above requirements can you tell me what would be the cost of renovation for my house based on Todays construction cost. First I would like to god for the concept Floors plans with all the changes required after which you need to propose a new 3D Elevation for my Building. If at all the renovation is not feasible then I shall go for complete new designing.

    Thank you,
    Bhuvan Rao

  • Swati

    I wanted to know more about Architect services you provide and wanted to know By Architectural Floor plans do you mean blueprints of house as in rooms dimension, door and window locations?
    What if we don’t want Furniture layout plans and 3D view? Will it reduce the fee you mentioned or is it mandatory.
    The residential house I wanted to construct is not in Bangalore. How co-ordination with the appointed
    contractor on regular basis will be done under Proposal B will work and does it cost extra fee.
    Will working drawings (Architectural, structural,plumbing,electrical etc) cost any extra fees, if yes then how much?
    How much time will it take for getting final drawings?
    Based on you answer for above questions if I would be interested I will let you know. Just wanted to inform you about my specification I want in the plan are as under :
    Area: 229.86 square meter
    Depth: 22 meter
    Width front: 10.6 meter
    Width back: 10.3 meter
    Need garden area in front, house should be airy, there should be space on both side and in back side also.
    Will provide more details later as we decide to work futher.

  • Asha

    I am planning to build my apartment building, Hence i would like to take architectural services from your firm. It’s 1500 Sft area. And i want to have parking at ground floor and then 3 floors (G+3 floors) i.e. 3 bhk + 1bhk on each floor. The property is located at Varthur area. There is an old construction (ground floor) is already there which will demolish and built this building over there. I don’t the super luxurious apartments but a decent one and nicely crafted the area.. Also, if i approve the design g+3 and build the floor in phases.. Send me the quotes or any follow up question to my email.

  • Praveen Kumar

    I’m looking for residential complex plan and design. The plot is in Bangalore, and the land dimension is 57 ft x 53.5 ft (apprx 3000 sqf).
    Basically looking at a multistory apartment, with 2 BHK 3 units in each flloor.
    Total Ground + 3. (Allowance for car park to be given in the ground floor)
    Im not looking at any interior works as, so of the units will be rented out and some of it sold
    Do let me know what are the service you and provide and the cost. Once we have an agreement, ill provide further inputs
    The property is B Katha.
    Praveen Kumar