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Project Management Services aAs an Architect based in Bangalore, we provide Project management services in Bangalore to monitor the ongoing process. Periodical Site Supervision for high-quality control of the work;

Co-Ordination with the Consultant and various other Agencies or Consultants Quantity, Tendering and Specification; Issuing Certificates at the time of work. The current cost for building a house in Bangalore varies from Rs 1600 to Rs 1900/sq ft excluding interiors.

Special project management services are offered for specific architectural projects where the complete project is controlled and handled by our team from start to end of the project.

Some of the following fields where work is carried out till the completion level: We also give construction management services in Bangalore to monitor the ongoing progress of the works.

The scope of Work under Project management services

  • RCC Drawings.
  • Project Approvals and Sanctions.
  • Finishing up to Door Lock Situation.
  • Estimates and BOQ’s.
  • Contracting of Landscape work.
  • Contracting of Interior wor.
  • Contracting of Civil Work.
  • Construction Drawings.
  • Architectural Design.

Project management for Interior

  • Presentation Drawings.
  • Interior Layout designing as customer satisfaction.
  • Concept Framing.

Drawings related to Construction management

  • Working Drawings.
  • Toilet Details.
  • False Ceiling Details.
  • Elevation and Sectional Details.
  • Electrical and Layouts.
  • Detailed Drawings.
  • The schedule prepared for the Cost of construction.

Architecture is the practice of physical structures and design buildings.  It is generally considered as a type of art and science because of the vast amount of technical knowledge that is essential to implement a building design that has been made from nothing.

We consider several factors while constructing a home or building such as texture, mass, light or shadow materials, technology, construction and cost.

All of these aspects are influenced us, and we create a final design that appears both functional and aesthetically pleasant.

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