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Sample Quotation for Marble laying rates/charges/cost or Marble polishing cost/charges/rates

Type of Work: Cutting and Fixing, Book match cutting, Cladding, Skirting, Full/half Moulding, Edge polishing, Grew cutting, Cladding, Tapering, etc.

Sl.No  Marble Laying rates/charger or Marble Polishing cost charges/rates
Unit Rate (Rs.)
1 Italian marble cutting and fitting with polishing. SFT/RFT 110.00
2 Any marble book-match cutting, fixing, and polishing. SFT/RFT 135.00
3 Granite cutting and fixing without polish. SFT/RFT 50.00
4 Marble cladding cutting, fitting with polishing. SFT/RFT 160.00
5 Italian marble skirting 1″ to 11″ marble fitting(flooring cladding). RFT 110.00
6 Skirting all types of design and molding work. RFT Extra rate
7 Marble and granite ¾” half-round moulding. RFT 115.00
8 Marble and granite ¾” full round moulding. RFT 180.00
9 Marble and granite 1 ½” full round moulding. RFT 250.00
10 Marble and granite 2″ moulding with ¼ patti. RFT 350.00
11 Marble 2/8″ + 3/8″ chamfering. RFT 75.00
12 Marble and granite edge polishing (half set). RFT 100.00
13 ¾” marble katra (Nakoni). RFT 115.00
14 Marble and granite edge polishing. SFT 40.00
15 Hole work plumbing and electric box. Each 80.00
16 Nanhi trap hole with jail fixing. Each 350.00
17 Washbasin and sink fixing with marble inside. Each 1500.00
18 Shape round cutting. SFT 90.00
19 Marble and granite ¾”buch work making (Laying extra charge). RFT 75.00
20 Bizzasa tiles laying and grouting. SFT 125.00
21 Sadha tiles fixing and joint filling SFT 30.00
22 Vitrified tiles fixing and joint fixing. SFT 35.00
23 State tiles fixing. SFT 40.00
24 Plastic and vinyl flooring – laying & removing. SFT 10.00
25 Flooring design in all types of border rates will be decided on approval.
26 All sampling work done- labour will be charged extra.
27 Any marble and granite chemical treatment will be charged extra. SFT/RFT 25.00
28 Marble and plaster breaking work. SFT/RFT 35.00


Any white material like Thasos, Satvario, and onyx laying will be charged at 20 % extra on the above rates.

Note: On the total final bill, 30% will be added extra for the cutting and shifting material place to another.


Marble Laying charges rates cost varies from Rs 35 to Rs 60 per sq ft for a residential house. This cost varies depending on if it’s Indian Marble or Italian Marble, as different marbles come with different thicknesses ranging between 12 mm Tiles to 19mm for bigger Marble slabs.

The marble laying charges also depend on the slab dimensions. Therefore, one can get both Marble Tiles and Marble Slabs which can be readily available in the market depending on the client’s requirements suggested by their Hired Architects for designing your House.

Generally, Marble laying cost/charges are more for bigger dimension Marble slabs as it requires more manpower and needs more precise work.

The laying cost of Marble flooring can increase further if there need to be some Marble inlay works that need to be done on the Marble flooring. These inlay works are added to the marble laying rates/cost depending on the complexity of the inlay work.

Informative: If you already own a site and wonder, What would the current House Construction cost be? Do visit the link “ Free Construction Estimation Tool ” to help you calculate the cost of Building a House.



This Step of minor chipping is done before Marble laying to ensure the flooring remains even. If any imperfections or irregularities on the concrete floor, these are chipped off to maintain an even flooring lvl.


The Next Step for Marble laying involves cleaning the flooring area to ensure no loose debris. This will make sure that there is no debris between the concrete floor and the cement motor.


Most Indian marbles and Italian Marbles, a natural material, have a natural grain running through the slab depending on the kind of Marble selected. Based on this, one needs to make sure that the Marble, once laid, has to match based on the veins or a Book match.

If none of this is possible, one can just lay as per the tile pattern.


The cement motor ratio for Marble floor laying is 1:6, where 1 part Cement and 6 parts of River sand or M Sand need to be mixed well with sufficient water to fix the Marble. Also, one needs a thin layer of White cement motor on top of this to get a better whiteness on the Marble flooring.

This step is mostly followed in fixing Italian Marbles as they are more pours when compared to Indian Marble.


The Marble polishing cost varies from Rs 40 to upwards of Rs 120+/sq ft for Italian Marble. This cost can even go up further if one plans to do chemical treatment for the polished marble surface.


This Grinding of Marble flooring removes high points on the Marble surface to remove Roughness, Surface stains, Ledges, and surface scratches.

Grit used: 30 to 50 Low diamond grit used for a better finish.


Honing of Marble is done even with the roughness on the Marble flooring surface and removes further deep stains and scratches. One can start with 100 grit followed by 200 grit and 400 grit to achieve the expected result.

Grit used: 100 , 200, 400.


The next step finely grinds the marble flooring with diamond pads from 800 to 1500 grit. The grinding by using these grits brings shine to the rough marble surface.

Grit used: 800 to 1500.


The final stage of Marble flooring is achieved by Buffing the polished marble surface using chemical powers to increase the gloss and shine of the marble surface.


This chemical surface treatment protects the Marble flooring surface to prevent penetration of the Water, Stains, and cleaning chemicals.

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