Architects Impact on the Environment in Design

Understanding the carbon footprint of a project, we propose and encourage our clients to install rainwater harvesting systems, Solar water heaters, and solar cells to generate electricity. These are all the sustainable methods of unitizing the energy from nature.

A home can help one store and save water collected by rainwater harvesting, which can be further related to the groundwater system to increase the water table. provides you with different tips and methods that one can start the process of developing sustainable energy. In such cases as an Architectural firm, we are helping people by helping them to find the best quality sustainable or eco-friendly materials at reasonable prices. Moreover, we also make sure that our clients will receive the best quality and design service from our complete team.

Even if you have a small plot and planning to build a Green home in it, As architects based in Bangalore, we provide green plans that can take maximum advantage of the surrounding environment.

Location and Climatic conditions

We also use materials and other construction aspects considering the location and climatic conditions of the location where the house is installed. For instance, if you are planning to install any furniture in the backyard, we make sure to provide the furniture materials that will withstand the climatic conditions.

For instance, if you have a wet outdoor throughout the year, we will install outdoor furniture with wrought iron or fiber. On the other hand, there is also waterproof wood furniture that cam could be installed outdoor. Therefore, you will select the right ones considering your needs and budget as the cost of construction in Bangalore normally is Rs 1300 to Rs 1400 per sq ft.

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Some people feel reusing material is not such a good thing. But not many know that there is a difference between reusing material and using recycled material. All this is something that an average person may or may not be aware of. As an architectural firm and as part of our job, we make sure that our client agrees to a certain option only after being fully aware of what it means and analyzing its pros and cons.

We will make sure that we design a house for you that has the potential of using renewable energy, conserving water, using solar energy, and making use of natural materials. We are a team of architects who are well versed in all kinds of design. We believe in offering the client just about what he expects from us.

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