How to select the right Architectural firm for building your Dream House?

Process of Selecting the right ARCHITECTURAL FIRM?

When selecting the right Architectural firm for building your house, you cannot just choose any firm. There are several things that you need to check about the architectural firm before you hire them.

It is a complete process, and checking everything is important so that you do not have to regret later on. Because choosing the wrong Architectural firm can turn your dream house into a nightmare also.

So, let’s know the complete process of selecting the right Architectural Firm for building your house.

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Know whether they have certified Architects or not?

When you hire an Architectural firm, you hire them with the motive that they will help you in completing your dream house project (Help and Support right from Design to House construction) with the help of their well-qualified and expert Architects.

It’s important for one to check the qualification and details of the Architects who are working there in the Architectural firm or whom they are assigning for your house project.

If the Architects are not certified and well-qualified, then we suggest you look for another Architectural firm. But do not just check the qualification or certification and check the Architects’ total experience so that you can know that they have handled many projects before.

What to ASK? While meeting Architects for the First Time:

When making your final decision about selecting the right Architects from the various Architectural firms to build your home, ask these questions.

  • Is my Site sufficient for my requirements?
  • How many Floors can I construct as per Bylaws?
  • What should be my ideal Room sizes?
  • What will be my Built-up area?
  • How many Floors do I need to Build to achieve my requirements?
  • What would be the Construction Cost?
  • The time frame for project completion?
  • Will you assist in Selecting Contractors?

Ask them about the costing or the quotation for building your house, by letting them know the specifications or details about your house project.

Ask them if they will provide you with the building contractors and workers, or you will have to hire them yourself.

Ask them about the total time they will require in finishing your house construction and designing work. By asking all these questions, you will get a complete idea about how much time your project will take and whether it is in your budget or not.

Go through the website or profile of the Architectural Firm:

When hiring, one must check the profile or the website of the firm. As it will help them in knowing more in detail about them, you will be able to know that how many house construction projects or commercial projects they have handled before.

By checking the Architectural firm’s profile, you will also know that they are in the business, how many Architects they have, and other services they provide.

By verifying all this information, you will know if the Architectural firm is good for your project or not.

Know about their Previous Projects:

Before you decide to select any Architectural firm, it is also important to review that particular firm. You can check with their previous clients to know whether they are good or not.

One can also check their previously constructed buildings or houses to see their designing and construction ideas.

While checking the reviews about them, this will also help you in knowing whether they have some creative designs for building the house or not.

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