This question can be answered both in the affirmative and the negative. There are plenty of reasons to argue that Architects do follow a particular architectural style as well as to argue that they simply don’t.

What is Architectural Style?

An Architectural style, by definition, is a set of coordinated constraints that help restrict the features or roles of elements involved in architecture as well as the relationships that are allowed between those Architectural elements.

There are different Architectural Styles such as Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Minimalistic, Roman, Indian etc

One needs to discuss and debate with their selected Architects for the project on What Style they need to implement? Cost factors involved? Procedure for Building a House? Time frames? Building elevation? Home designing? Etc.

Architects from all around the world have been building on already existing ideas and knowledge combined with their own creative thinking to create something new every now and then.

Architects from all around the world have been building on already existing ideas and knowledge combined with their own creative thinking to create something new every now and then.

Architectural Principles:

There are some principles that all Architects need to follow to make sure that the structure that they build is going to last for a long time and endure the maximum that they can bear.

If these basic Architectural principles are not followed, it could result in a structure that would come down very soon. Surely no artist wants that to happen, particularly architects. Imagine the catastrophe.

These principles are either laid down previously by experts in the same field who have had much experience or are known by Architects who learn by experience.

Architectural Style and Structures:

But by now, architecture is quite a classic field of education and there are more architectural schools and colleges across the world that help students understand the basic requirements and necessities of most structures.

They help students understand the basic underlying principles and patterns that help students build a solid and rigid foundation as well as a structure that would last a long time.

With all the solid support and resources that architects could have, I doubt any architect would be willing to learn by trial-and-error.

Architecture is an Art of Designing Structures:

But mind you, architecture is the profession of designing structures with an aesthetic effect. Architecture is an art and just like all art, it does not need to follow a particular style.

Architecture is about creating new aesthetic and innovative designs that help combat natural causes that could pull this art down. A lot of architects have started following some basic design principles and methodologies, but this could be attributed to the various factors that could tear the design apart.

It’s like music. You learn music with the ground rules that all musicians follow. This is just to ensure that the sound that each musician produces doesn’t turn out to be a chaotic and displeasing noise.

Once you get the basic foundations of what music is, you can start making music with your own ideas… maybe break some of those rules to get what you want.

Overall Conclusion:

So yeah, Architects DO follow a particular style when it comes to safety and regulations. This is done so that their architectural artistic creations don’t become a failure after having had the knowledge of a wide range of architectural principles that focus on this fact alone.

But come on, Architects thrive on creating designs that are NEW, INNOVATIVE and stand out in different ways. That’s not like following a similar style.