Step by Step Role of Architects

Not long ago, it was the building contractor who was preparing the building plan and also taking up the construction work. But, now people have started engaging the services of an architect.

People have realized the vital role played by the architect in the entire process of construction. After all, everyone always wants to ensure their building is of utmost good quality. Now, take a closer look at some of the vital role played by an architect in the realm of building works.


Normally, Architect will hold a personal discussion with their client and ascertain the requirements of the client in the proposed building. Thereafter, he will prepare about two or three draft plans.

He will prepare the plan, keeping in view the budget of the client. Once the client zeroes in on any plan, then the architect will prepare a detailed plan.


The architect will prepare a detailed floor plan of the building. He will ensure that the setbacks indicated in the plan are as per the standards prescribed by the City Corporation.

As you may be aware, ‘setback’ is the space to be left around the proposed building so as to ensure ventilation and light. Without leaving the proper setbacks, the corporation such as BBMP, Village Panchayat, KIDB, BMRDA will not approve the building plan.


The architect will prepare a detailed BOQs (Bill of Quantities) estimate indicating the cost break up like the material cost, labour cost, interior decoration and so on. The estimate will also indicate the type of material to be used in the construction work.

For example, the architect may indicate the type of sand or Jelly (stones) to be used, the size of the steel rods to be used for the pillars and so on.

The estimate will also mention the type of flooring. Normally, the plan will not include items like the fans, sanitary wares like the sink, taps and such other items.

This is because the cost of fixtures depends on the model of the fixture chosen by the client. The estimate will not include a wardrobe and other upholstery.


The architect will also undertake the work of supervision of the building. Depending on the need of the client, the architect may post a supervisor who would continuously monitor the construction work.

Alternatively, the architect may pay a periodical visit and ensure that construction work is as per the plan prepared by him.


In any building construction work, deviation from the plan is a common feature. These deviations (Akrama Sakrama) may happen because of various reasons.

However, wherever there is deviation the architect will consult the client and then he will approve the deviations. Before approving the deviation, he will also discuss with the contractor.


While constructing multistory buildings, the architect will take the help of a structural engineer. He will prepare the plans in close coordination with the structural engineer.

The service charges of the architect normally vary from Rs 40 / sq ft to Rs 150 / sq ft on the Proposed super built up area. However, the service charges vary depending on the nature of construction and type of supervision needed.

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