Duplex House Plans VS Rental House Plans in Bangalore…?

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Duplex House Plans VS Rental House Plans in Bangalore…?
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Difference between Duplex House plans and Rental House plans Bangalore..?

What are Duplex House Plans..?

Duplex house plans are also called as multi-family homes. There will be two distinct living areas in a duplex house plan. Living areas will be separated by walls or floors. Instead of building two different structures, you will be able to build a house in an economical way through duplex house plan.
Duplex house plans vs rental house plans
The outward appearance of the Duplex house plan will be similar to that of a single family dwelling place. There can be two units which will be stacked one upon another as well. You can find duplex houses in cities and towns. If there is great space constraint, you can go for duplex housing plans. Duplex house plans can be considered as a great investment for rental property.

What is the average sq ft for a Simple Duplex House on 30×40 site at Bangalore..?

Eg : 30×40 Plot can Have Duplex House plan of G+1 floors with a Built area of 1600 sq ft.

Note : One can construct a Triplex House (G+2 floors) with a maximum Built up area of 2100 sq ft asp per BBMP(FSI/FAR of 1.75)

What are Rental House Plans..?

Rental House plans are designed considering commercial aspect, In this option of Designing rental House plans the Architects give more preference towards no of Units possible to construct on a Single plot. One can also purchase properties for rental income perspective. There are multi-family house plans which are present in triplex, quadplex and townhouse home plans. The available space will be utilized in the best possible way and multi-storied structure will be constructed in a very efficient manner.

Several units will be attached in a string and the building and construction cost will be decreased drastically. If you go for stacked units, it is possible to eliminate exterior walls and siding. There will be savings in foundation, windows and shingles. Multi-family designs can be offered for rental purpose so that great income can be earned very easily.

How many Rental Houses/Units can I Build on a 30×40 site at Bangalore..?

Eg : 30×40 can Have 5 to 6 Units of Rental House plans on G+2 floors as per BBMP by laws depending on no of units of 2bhk 1bhk design.

Note : The maximum Built up are FSI/FAR in Bangalore for a 30×40 site or 1200 sq ft plots is 1.75 .
That is 1200 sq ft (30×40) x 1.75 (FSI/FAR) = 2100 sq ft Built up area .

Once can Also build G+3 Floors in Bangalore consisting Muti Rental units on a 30×40 plot. This is only possible when Ground floor is approved for parking in the Plan sanction drawings.

What are the Advantages of Duplex House Plans over Rental House plans..?

One should select that is most appealing to you so that you can make the most of your investment. If you have a great floor plan, it is not difficult to generate rental income through duplex house designs. Duplex House plans are very much popular in high density areas. You can find two storey houses which will have complete apartment on each floor. There will be side-by-side apartments which share single wall as well.

Note: The minimum Budget required for Duplex House construction on a 30×40 site with 1600 sq ft built up are is around Rs 25 lacs for construction and a minimum of Rs 30 lacs for the Site ( 1200 sq ft x Rs 2500 / sq ft = Rs 30lacs). This will Total to Rs 55lacs for a good Duplex House.

Renal VS Duplex Which Should I Choose..?

By bringing a superb curb appeal, you will ensure that Duplex home plans are always occupied. There are single-family floor plans, multi-family floor plans and duplex house plans to be selected from. It is possible to get most out of your building plan when there is efficient construction at affordable price. There are apartments as well as duplex which are growing in popularity as they are great channels to generate rental income. You should many designs which are approved by the local authorities so that cost-effective construction can be done in a very efficient manner and your needs will be fulfilled very quickly.

How Should I Proceed or What Should I CHOOSE..?

In order to GET the BEST Construction in Bangalore, One should be able to discuss your needs with the Building contractor. The pros and cons of the project should be discussed. Schematic floor plans by the Architects should be prepared and floor plans should be finalized after making necessary changes. Residential elevations should be proposed and the construction should be finalized with the building contractor. The plot dimension, budget, car parking, number of floors and garden area should be discussed in this context and your needs will be fulfilled in a very efficient manner.

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