Residential building construction cost in Bangalore is Rs 1350 to Rs 1400 / sq ft

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    Why construction cost is Increasing day by day . . . !

    Bangalore is one of the major metropolitan cities of India. The cost of living out here is a little higher compared to other cities. However, the city does not lack opportunities and hence, a large number of people flock into this city each and every day. Obviously, the construction and real estate industry is booming, residential building construction cost in Bangalore is Rs 1350 to Rs 1450 per sq ft currently which is a little high these days. People are finding it difficult to buy houses in this part of the Indian sub-continent.

    Factors causing rise of Cost of Construction at Bangalore

    Soaring real estate prices is One of the main Reasons

    As it is the real estate prices in India are soaring these days. Obviously, they are even higher in the metro-Politian cities. The situation is not very good in Bangalore, the current capital of Karnataka. Though, the builders make tremendous profit, the same cannot be said about the all class of buyers. Now a days, it is difficult to even think of purchasing property in Bangalore. The property rates are sky-rocketing these days. A residential building is again a very difficult thing. One can do numerous things in order to achieve this goal. None the less, the first step will be research. Firstly you need to finalize House plans and building elevations required for the construction.

    Start with following up on a few real estate agents who are prevalent in the market. Ask them questions relevant according to your situation and want. If you are going to need specific items such as marble or tiling etc. then make sure you include the cost of those materials in your calculation. On a general basis, the cost of constructing a house in Bangalore will be around Rs 1400 to Rs 1500 per square feet. If you need your interiors to be done then you ought to mention that separately also. For, most houses come with undone interiors.

    Interiors impact on Construction cost

    Do not just go by general numbers running per sq ft,. One has to take all the specifications into account. Don’t neglect things such as the space you’ll use or how many square feet you want your house to be etc. It is all very important. Do not leave these out of the equation. Again, when mentioning interiors, you need to be more specific. What kind of materials do you want in your interiors with regards to floors, ceiling, furnishing etc. Your cost will change according to the materials that you select. Hence, you can’t go by general statements. You have to have a specific estimate. It is extremely necessary for you to proceed further successfully as far as purchasing property is concerned. If you require Architectural services you reach us for more details.

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