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    Architects in bangalore follow a very systematic procedure of communicating with the client, getting to know about what they expect from us and what they envision the designs to be like. This helps us in getting the needed start, based on which the work progresses. We have the rough draft prepared in no time, we present it to the client so that the changes if have to be made are done at the same minute. To ensure that the client is not disappointed with any kind of late submission, we have a well defined time span mentioned, within which the client gets the work that he had asked for.

    Good and experienced Architects will never let down the client on such petty issues. Deadlines are meant to be met; this is more like placing a first good impression in front of the client. If the client is unable to get the work as per the slated time, then things tend to get odd between the architect and the client, and chances of the client opting for some other client are very high.

    We do not practice such things. We have well defined deadlines and work is always allocated to the necessary team members. They take up their work and ensure that the submissions are done as per the schedule. In fact there is a coordinator who keeps a track of the allocated work and its submissions, which post being collected from all, are sent as one piece of design to the client.

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