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    Planning to construct a Duplex house . . . !

    If you are looking to construct a build a duplex house in bangalore you need to be prepared with information like cost of construction, house plans by architects in bangalore , residential building elevations , building contractor or labor contractor etc. For a rented apartment in Bangalore, you must be ready to shed a good amount of money because costs of properties as well as rents for buildings are always on the higher side.

    Though the city has been affected by recession which has led to a downfall in the cost of properties, the city still continues to maintain its glory and attract contractors from all over the globe. Duplex houses in bangalore are currently gaining a lot of popularity in the city since it enables people to have a house of their own without spending a lot of money. These houses may comprise of two buildings having a common wall or a single house having two buildings constructed in different styles. While the owner of the house resides in one part, the other part is mainly used for guests visiting the house.

    Why Bangalore is most preferred city to make your home

    Located in center of Karnataka, Bangalore continues to be one of the most important cities for India and has been the major reason for the increase in the potential of the country in the IT sector. The city is known to provide a large number of jobs to the youth of the country which in turn has been the major cause for attracting people from all parts of the globe. A cool, calm and pleasing weather which remains almost the same throughout the year in addition to the colorful nature of the city’s residents has also contributed a lot in making Bangalore one of the most demanding metros in the country. The migration of more and more people has grabbed the attention of all the major players in the real estate market and they are looking to invest in the city.

    Designing a Duplex house in bangalore

    The two portions of the house may be constructed in the same or different styles depending on whether the same family or person resides in both the buildings or two different families are occupying the house. The purpose for which the two portions of the house are going to be used determines the amount of attention to be paid while constructing each part. House construction cost in bangalore varies from INR 1300 to INR 1500 / sq ft. Since both the buildings are linked by a single wall, the wall must be thick in order to maintain the privacy of both parts of the house. Such houses are extremely useful in an expensive city like Bangalore where you can hardly find any cheap plot or house for rent at the prime locations.

    People prefer duplex houses rather than multistory apartment

    In order to construct these kinds of houses, the first factor that must be considered is the cost of construction for a Duplex house in Bangalore which of course, depends on a number of other factors like the size of the house to be constructed, number of people going to reside in the building, location of the house, etc. You can easily find properties in the range of INR 2500 to 5000 per square feet or in the range of INR 5000-7500 per square feet as well. If your are construction a duplex house in bangalore then you need toi be aware that the current construction cost in bangalore is INR 1250 / sq ft it might also increase depending on the residential building elevations given. You must also consider the additional costs like those involved in decorating the interiors, sanctioning the plan from government offices and hiring the contractors, architects or engineers before planning the budget. You can call us if you are searching for any architectural services in bangalore.

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